About Us

Anthony Sansom

Founder and General Manager


It was Anthony’s career as a contract manager that first took him around the world and led him to discover his love of travel-adventure, and to write.

  Through several contracts in the Middle East he discovered Arabia and its deserts in Saudi Arabia, Syria, the UAE, and most tellingly the Lebanon. Then in 1997 be moved to Seoul, South Korea, where he stayed for ten years working for French train manufacturer Alstom on the Korean high speed rail project.

In 2004, he established THM with his wife Urtnasan in order to promote Mongolian and nomadic culture, and motorcycle travel-adventure as a rewarding physical and intellectual pursuit.

He is a highly experienced jeep driver with years of experience in the Arabian deserts, most noticeably the sand dunes of the UAE where he knows the names of all the mountains of the Dubai desert off by heart.


Thirsty Horse MONGOLIA LLC

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But bikes were always his first love. He has been on two wheels since he could walk and motorcycles since his teens. Having gravitated to the dual sport universe, he has several thousand miles of off-road experience, particularly in Mongolia. He considers the motorcycle to be the greatest expression of freedom on Earth.

 It was also while working in Seoul that he became a dedicated and accomplished skier and enthousiastic mountaineer, which brought him to the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia and the inspiration for his second book “The Thirsty Horse of Mongolia.” Published in 2003 in the USA, the book won the Writer’s Notes Book Awards 1st prize in the young adult fiction category. 

As well as writing books, Anthony is a regular contributor of articles to travel and motorcycle magazines and undertakes several motorcycle treks each year with THM.



Urtnasan Sansom

Executive Director

Urtnasan (Urtaa) is a Mongolian national from Arvaiheer in Central Mongolia. Following a University education in medicine, she changed direction and trained as a tourist guide, which led her to travel extensively in Mongolia, Europe, and Asia. She is highly knowledgeable about all things Mongolian and is a strongly nationalist supporter of her country.

Urtaa runs the administration and affairs of the company and keeps everything running smoothly.

She speaks fluent French and English, and passable Russian, in addition to her native tongue.