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The Trek

This trek is a fun adventure for sidecar people with a desire to travel from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar, which was, and still is, our ultimate intension. To do the whole route will require a counterpart in Beijing and the use of their CJ750s up to the border . Then change to our bikes on the other side. It’s a great idea and we are talking to one or two interested parties. But so far, there is only our part of the trek.

We meet on the Mongolian side of the border in the town of Dzamin Uud on Saturday, 7th June, and prepare ourselves for the departure the next day. Then we leave early and take the main route up to Sainshand, before diverting to the ger camp just to the south, from there we can discover the monastery of Khamarin Khiid.

In the morning of the second trek day we  kick out west into the desert proper. And on the second night camp out under the stars on the slopes of the Bogd Uul sacred mountain by the petrified forest of Tsaagan Tsav, where we enjoy a camp barbeque dinner. From there we veer north through the alien landscapes of the Tsagaan Suvraga (white painted desert) and the Ulaan Suvraga (red painted desert) to arrive in the Aimag (county) capital town of Mandalgobi to check into the hotel and find some local entertainment too.

From Mandalgovi we ride to Erdendelai, where we visit the Gimpil Darjalaan Khiid Monastery before riding to Delgerhaan to camp for the night and discover the nearby rock carvings. Waking the next day, we strike out on the last leg of our journey to Ulaan Baatar, continuing first across the high plains of the Mongolian Plateau and stopping for lunch by the Khustain National Park. Finally we pick up the valley of the Tuul gol river and follow it to our base in Nisikh, by UB International Airport.

In the evening we meet up for a celebratory drink and transport to the airport is arranged for the next day. Or, maybe you prefer to make your own plans . . ?

Please note that THM reserve the right to change the itinerary at our sole discretion should we judge that conditions, circumstances or specific team considerations require it.


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Tour Highlights

Gobi desert crossing, Exotic Rock Formations, 

Monastery of  Khamarin Khiid, Painted Deserts of Tsagaan Suvraga

and Ulaan Suvraga,  Gimpil Darjalaan Khiid Monastery,

 Tuul River Valley, and Glorious Arrival in UB.

Trek Itinerary

First Day / Saturday, 7th June  - Arrival

Meet in Border City.

Hotel for the night

Second Day / 1st day of Trek (250km)

Breakfast in the hotel.

Take the road to Sainshand.

Lunch on the way.

Arrive at the Gobi Sunrise Ger Camp just south of Sainshand for the night.

Explore the Khamaryn Khiid Monastery.

Third Day / 2nd day of Trek (180km)

Ger Camp breakfast.

Depart early and follow the desert tracks west. Stop for.

Lunch Saihandulaan along. Then continue on to the

Mandah and the Bogd Uul sacred mountain where we make camp and explore the

Petrified trees of Tsagaan Tsav.

Camp fire and barbeque dinner.

Fourth Day / 3rd day of Trek (200km)

Depart 9:00 and continue west to stop for

Lunch at Manlay. Then veer in a sweeping arc from west to north to take us to the

Tsagaan Suvraga ger camp for the night.

Fifth Day / 4th day of Trek (150km)

Ger camp breakfast. Then from here we trek north the the

Tsagaan Suvraga (white painted desert) and the Ulaan Suvraga (red painted desert).

Lunch at Olziit. Then continue on to Mandalgovi and book into the

Mandalgovi Hotel for the night.

Visit the Dashgimpeliin Khiid Monastery, explore the town, and find some local entertainment.

Sixth Day / 5th day of Trek (200km)

Hotel breakfast.

Depart early and continue to

Erdendelai, where we visit the Gimpil Darjalaan Khiid Monastery before riding to

Delgerhaan, to camp for the night.

Rock carvings to discover.

Seventh Day / 6th day of Trek (200km)

Camp breakfast. Then from here we trek across the open steppe to wards the

Khustain National Park, where we stop for

Lunch. Then follow the

Tuul River Valley into our base in Nisikh, near the UB International Airport.

Transport to your hotel in UB.

Meet up for drinks and to celebrate the completion of the trek.

Final Day / Sunday 15th June


Transport to the airport and tearful farewells – until next time.


What’s Included

The price includes for motorcycle, support vehicles and team, collection and deposit at UB International Airport, accommodation in hotels, ger camps or camping as indicated and all trek food. On every day of the trek we provide breakfast. All treks include a first day of instruction in off road riding technique and a team evening and dinner before the trek starts on the second day. Flight from Olgii to Ulaan Baatar.


What’s not Included

Hotel and restaurant lunches and dinners.

Petrol for motorcycle.

Crash helmets, gloves, boots and protective clothing. (Note: we will hire this equipment on some treks. But for something as challenging as this you should have your own equipment and you should be familiar with it and comfortable. Items are available for sale in our shop.)

It’s required that all participants have appropriate insurance for this type of trek. See Travel Insurance for details.

Rounded Rectangle: Chinese Border to Ulaan Baatar
Duration : 8 Days (6 days trekking, 1 night in Dzamin Uud, 1 night in UB)
Start : Sat 7th June  in Dzamin Uud
Finish : Sunday 15th June in Ulaan Baatar
Price : US$2,000/person
Total Distance : 1,180km
Trek Level : Easy, Moderate/Tough, Extreme.
Rounded Rectangle: Trek Route

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Bike Options


 Minimum  2 people


4 people or more


Ural/BMW (800cc)



8 Places / 8 Remaining

Ural M62 (650cc)



4 Places / 4 Remaining

Dneiper (650cc)

 2 wheel drive



2 Places / 2 Remaining

Sidecar Passengers



14 places / 14 Remaining