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The Trek

This trek is the ultimate Mongolian Adventure. If you want to do it, then get in training now or don’t even think about it. And when you leave, say good bye to your past life. You won’t be the same person when you get back.


Leaving UB we cross the high plains of the Mongolian Plateau to arrive in Dalantzadgad after 2 days. From there we cross the Gobi Altai and follow the mountain chain until it ends and we are looking straight out across the most remote fastness that the Gobi desert has to offer. Then follows six days of awesome and gruelling motorcycle adventure as we cross both the Gobi and the Altai Mountains to arrive in the Mongolian wild west town of Hovd.


Meanwhile, the trek abounds with all the natural wonders of Mongolia: painted deserts, unearthly rock formations, pre-historic cave dwellings, oases, the biggest sand dunes in the country, dinosaur fossils, rock carvings and remote enchanting monasteries. Landscapes beyond belief and all the colour and magic of nomadic life and culture.


The last leg of the journey brings us to Olgii in time for the Eagle Hunting Festival on the weekend of 5th/6th October. We park up the bikes and watch Khazak men on huge Bactrian camels launch golden eagles from there arms.


On Monday we leave the bikes and fly back to UB. All those miles re-crossed in just a couple of hours  - and a different perspective on life and time.  


Make no mistake, this trek is the ultimate in motorcycle adventure and it will be a very tough ride.


As with all our treks, the first day is used for instruction in off-road riding technique and we throw a dinner party in the evening to prepare the team for departure.


Please note that THM reserve the right to change the itinerary at our sole discretion should we judge that conditions, circumstances or specific team considerations require it.


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Tour Highlights

Fabulous high plains trails across the Mongolian Plateau,

 Gobi desert sights: Khongorin Els dunes, Flaming cliffs, dinosaur fossils and rock paintings; crossing the Gobi desert and the

Altai Mountains, Tsenkheriin Agui prehistoric caves,

Historic town of Hovd, Olgii Eagle Festival. 

Trek Itinerary

First Day / Sat 20th Sept - Arrival

Collection at the airport and transport to your hotel.

Second Day / Sunday  - Autumn Equinox

Hotel breakfast.

Collection at 9:30 and transport to our centre in Nisikh.

Initial instruction course on circuit

Lunch in Nisikh.

Continue instruction. Trek out to Bogd Khan Uul mountain. Visit Mansushir Monastery.

6:00 Autumn Equinox barbeque and celebration at THM Nisikh.

Return to hotel.

Third Day / Monday: 1st day of Trek (260km)

Hotel breakfast.

Collection at 9:00 and transport to our centre in Nisikh.

Leave Nisikh at 10:00 and follow the Tuul Gol river valley.

Lunch in Delgerhaan (rock carvings). Then on to

Middle Gobi Ger Camp for the night.

Fourth Day / 2nd day of Trek (280km)

Camp breakfast.

Depart early and continue south fro 25km to

Erdendelai, where we visit the Gimpil Darjalaan Khiid Monastery before riding on to .

Lunch at Sayhan Ovoo and a visit the ruins of the twin monasteries of Ongiyn Khiid.

From there we continue south through Mandal Ovoo and after a long day’s ride arrive at

Bayanzag in the early evening ready for a good night’s sleep in the Ger Camp.

Fifth Day / 3rd day of Trek (Explore / 100km)

Ger Camp breakfast.

Explore the Flaming Cliffs and Dinosaur fossils of Bayanzag for the day then  ride to

Dalatzadgad for a night of hotel comfort and some local entertainment.

Sixth Day / 4th day of Trek  (200km)

Hotel breakfast

Leave early and follow the track through the pass in the Gurvan Saihan Nuruu mountains to Bayandalay. Then turn left and follow the line of the mountains out to the

Khongorin Els Dunes.

Ger Camp at the dunes for the night.

Seventh Day / 5th day of Trek  (150km)

Ger camp breakfast

Leave early and cross the line of the dunes to Sevrey. Search for the

Narangiyn Adag rock carvings close by and stop there for

Lunch. From there we cross the line of the Dzegstiyn Tsagaan Els dunes and make

Camp for the night on the south side.

Eighth Day / Saturday 27th Sept - 6th day of Trek (  300km)

Camp breakfast. With the mountains behind us now and we head on to

Gurvantes - the last habitation in the Eastern side of the Gobi. Then we begin the true desert crossing on this most remote part of the journey. Stopping for

Lunch somewhere along the way.  We head for the mountains of

Shinejinst, and then to our night’s rest in

Bayan Ondor, where we make camp for the night. Ruined Monastery of Amarbuyant Khiid to discover.

Ninth Day / 7th day of Trek  (200km)

Camp breakfast. Then we follow the line of the

Gichgeny Nuruu Mountain on a fabulous ride to the oasis at

Bayantooroo. We stop for

Lunch somewhere along the way. Then head for the shade of the

Eej Khairhan Uul (Sacred Mother Mountain) to camp for the night.

Tenth Day / 8th day of Trek (220km)

Camp breakfast, then head towards Tsogt and on to the

Dotiyn Davaa high mountain pass. Descending the other side we stop at the town of

Biger for lunch. Then across the plains and up into  the mountains once more to

Altai, the county town of Gov-Altai Aimag for a night of comfort in the

Juulchin Altay Ger camp.

Eleventh Day / 9th day of Trek (200km)

Ger camp breakfast. Then we take the main road for a few kms before branching off towards

Darvi, where we make camp in the mountains by the small lake.

Twelfth Day / 10th day of Trek  (250km)

Camp breakfast. Then head back down to the main route and follow it to

Dzereg, where we stop for lunch. After Dzereg, we continue to Manhan then turn off to the

Tsenheryn Agui prehistoric caves, where we stop at the

Ger camp for the night.

Thirteenth Day / 11th day of Trek  (Explore / 80km)

Ger camp breakfast

Visit the prehistoric caves.

Lunch at the ger camp. Then trek through the mountains to Duut, and onward to

Khovd, where we find our hotel for the night and some local entertainment.

Fourteenth Day / 12th day of Trek  (200km)

Hotel breakfast.

Visit to the ruins of the Manchurian fort. Then depart on this last day of travelling.

Lunch in Erdene Burene and visit the ruins of the Chingiis Khan Wall on the way to

Olgii, where we arrive in the early evening and check into the hotel for the next 2 nights.

Fifteenth Day / Sat 4th October  - 1st day of the Eagle Festival

Hotel breakfast.

Eagle Festival and/or explore as you wish.

Olgii Hotel for the night. Locl entertainment.

Sixteenth Day / Sun 5th October  - 2nd day of the Eagle Festival

Hotel breakfast

Eagle Festival and/or explore as you wish.

Olgii Hotel for the night. Local entertainment.

Seventeenth Day / Flight to UB

Hotel breakfast

Flight to Ulaan Baatar.

Transport to your hotel in UB.

Meet up in the evening to celebrate the memory of our trek.

Final Day

Hotel breakfast

Transport to the airport and tearful farewells – until next time.


What’s Included

The price includes for motorcycle, support vehicles and team, collection and deposit at UB International Airport, accommodation in hotels, ger camps or camping as indicated and all trek food. On every day of the trek we provide breakfast. All treks include a first day of instruction in off road riding technique and a team evening and dinner before the trek starts on the second day. Flight from Olgii to Ulaan Baatar.


What’s not Included

Hotel and restaurant lunches and dinners.

Petrol for motorcycle.

Crash helmets, gloves, boots and protective clothing. (Note: we will hire this equipment on some treks. But for something as challenging as this you should have your own equipment and you should be familiar with it and comfortable. Items are available for sale in our shop.)

It’s required that all participants have appropriate insurance for this type of trek. See Travel Insurance for details.



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Flight Back

Gobi - Altai: “The Eagle Trek” : Across the Mongolian Plateau, the Gobi Desert, and the Altai Mountains to the Eagle Festival in Olgii

Book this Trek

Duration : 18 days (1 day instruction, 15 days trekking, 3 nights in UB.)

Start : Ulaan Baaar, 20th September (Sat)

Finish : Ulaan Baatar, 7th October (Tuesday)

Price : US$ 5,600/person

Total distance : 2,440km

Trek level: Easy, Moderate, tough, Extreme

Bike Options


 Minimum  2 people


4 people or more


Suzuki DR650SE, Honda CRF250L, Yamaha XT250



10 Places / 8 Remaining

Single Supplement



4 places / 4 Remaining