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Mongolia in books

All these books are fascinating and entertaining reading :

Beasts, Men  and Gods  - Ferdinand Ossendowski.

A tale of travel and adventure in Mongolia in 1920-21 in which the author meets with Unger von Sternberg and other players in this critical time.

Mongolia, the Hidden Country  - Jasper Becker

Fascinating travelogue re-discovery of the country in 1990.

History of Mongolia - Baabar

From World Power to Soviet Satellite, the definitive volume by the master historian.

The Thirsty Horse of Mongolia  - Anthony Sansom

Thirsty horse is turned into a boy by a magic cup and set upon a quest for the secret of life. (Writers Notes Book Awards 1st Prize  for Junior Adult Fiction 2007)

Adventure Motorcycling  - Blog by Canadian motorcycle adventurer  Anthony X. (Email:

TRACTION erag  - off road and dual sport riding emagazine produced on Facebook.  - Comprehensive motorcycle emag from Aus. Covers off road and on.  - the best known of all the emags. Always a good and useful read.

Motorcycle Trekking Companies operating in Mongolia

There are some really good companies offering treks here apart from us, and their offerings are as much complementary as competition. Mongolia is vast and has the potential to become a world centre for adventure  motorcycling with as many participants as the Rockies have skiers. Meanwhile, the best we’ve found are:   - based in New Zealand; and of course


Adventure Motorcycle Training




You Tube Off Road MotorcycleTraining videos, recommended viewing

Off road fanatic  - series

Motorcycle Training 01 Off Road Course ( then 02, etc.  - in German)

Enduro Techniques

Other You Tube Motorcycling videos we have enjoyed

“halfthrottle” - series. Be careful to use this exact spelling.

“Fifty years of Kicks”  - superb documentary about a couple of enduro riders in their later years.

UB Life - Australian blogger in Mongolia.  - Social hub for the active Mongolian and ex-pat community.