Honda CRF 250 L



A beautiful machine with a fuel injected 4 valve  liquid cooled engine producing 23 horse power in a trail orientated wide spread power band, serious off-road suspension and even a comfortable seat. This latest offering from Honda is state of the art  and we are very pleased to be adding it to our fleet for 2014.


Wt:   144 Kg   /   Seat height:  875mm / 23 hp


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Suzuki DR 650 SE


What started with the XT 500 Yamaha developed through several generations of  air cooled single cylinder trail bikes and ultimately reached the pinnacle of its fulfilment in this superb incarnation from Suzuki. A quite incredible machine with immense power  yet very low weight,  this is the bike if you want to lean back and take out the next 500 miles of desert. It remains our favourite bike for Mongolia.


Wt:  166 Kg / Seat height: 885 mm  /  46 hp

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Yamaha XT 250



“Light and nimble with a low seat height and legendary Yamaha durability” says the brochure and we entirely agree. This is a rugged and serious machine that will easily take you all the way around Mongolia, but for once in a size suitable for smaller riders. With a five speed gearbox and air cooled engine, it’s also a very tractable and rider friendly machine.


It goes without saying that this is our most popular bike with lady riders.


Wt:   132 Kg   /   Seat height:  820 mm / 20 hp


A note of caution: We do go out of our way to accommodate ladies and gentlemen who aren’t tall enough to be comfortable on a motorcycle with a 35 inch seat height (885mm); and we also want to encourage new people into adventure motorcycling on dual sport bikes. So some of our bikes are smaller and also easier to ride than others  - but don’t be fooled. They are all tough, powerful, off-road motorcycles and they must be taken seriously. This is a very arduous sport that requires fitness, stamina, and a lot of skill, and even then you are going to fall off every now and then. A raw beginner for us is someone with a full motorcycle license and 2 years riding experience on the road. Not someone who can barely find neutral.


But if you have the right attitude and you have decided that this is for you, then go for it - and achieve something new.


1  - 6 days

1 Week

2 weeks

1 Month


Special Preparation


US$600 ($86/Day)

US$900 ($60/Day)

US$1,350 ($45/Day)

Long distance special preparation: includes suspension upgrade, engine & exhaust modifications, 5 gallon tank,  soft seat, better tyres and sundry tweaking.

Standard Bike


US400 ($57/Day)

US$600 ($40/Day)

US$900 ($30/Day)

Standard bike properly prepared. Any known faults deal with, but no upgrades.