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Safety Policy:

Some General Principles of Trekking with THM


1.     Please remember that our overriding, primary concern is your safety. Everything we tell you or ask you to do has that motivation in mind.

2.     Always follow the instructions of the guide or trek leader.

3.     Always respect the national law, local restrictions, by-laws and the sensitivities of other people, be they local residents or anyone else.

4.     If you have any medical condition or special needs, let us know in advance.

5.     If there is anything that you are not sure about, or worried about - tell us now. 

6. Never drive or ride when under the influence of alcohol, medicines, or in any condition that may affect your concentration.

7.     Make sure that you have received all vaccinations  required (Hydrophobia is the most important)

8.    Report any concern to your guide immediately.

9.    Report any accident or incident to your guide immediately.

10. Do not wonder off without letting your guide know where you are.

11. Pay attention to the security of your belongs and our equipment. In particular, follow our instruction for the safe keeping of vehicles at night.

12. Keep in mind the instructions and training that you will receive, and above all else - “Know your limits and maintain your margins of safety.”

Once you have completed an initial course with THM, and so long as we are happy with your ability, you may hire vehicles and guides from us and take off as you please. (Yes – you are free) Please bear in mind, though, that our prices are not high and by the time you have included petrol, accommodation and other costs, you may not save much money over our standard trekking prices. But should you feel inclined, here are a few simple rules that we would like you to take to heart:

1:     Two people on separate bikes is the absolute minimum safe number for motorbikes. If you cross a rut out on the open steppe and the bike comes down on top of you, you could be there for days before anyone finds you – if ever.

2. Two people is a good minimum safe number for a jeep or sidecar trip too.

3. For longer trips, it is always preferable to have at least 2 vehicles  - even jeeps.

4.     For any journey longer than one or two days, or anywhere off the beaten track, we will always advise you to take a guide with you. He or she will be able to advise you about our equipment, negotiate any local difficulties with you, as well as show you the sights, and quite frankly you will get more out of your trip – while you are still free to set your own route and itinerary.

5.     Make sure that you have covered every possible need, right up to the medical evacuation insurance.

6.     Always maintain your communications line back to us. If relying on mobile phones you will be out of contact between towns. Always be aware of how far you are from the next  coverage area, and how frequented your chosen route is likely to be.

7.     If you do have any trouble, whether it’s with the vehicle or anything else, call us immediately and we’ll sort it out for you as best we can.

8. I    f you take off on your own and it doesn’t work out – never mind, we’ll send one of our guides to help you the rest of the way. There’s no shame, we won’t be upset, and at least you had the courage to try.

9.      Never travel at night (unless your life depends upon it). You will not be able to distinguish jeep tracks, there will be cattle on the roads, and a whole host of other dangers will be lying in wait for you.

10.      Always wear the necessary protective clothing on motorcycles: crash helmets, gloves and boots at the least.

11.      And once again: keep in mind the training that you will receive, and above all else - know your limits and maintain your margins of safety.

12.      Lastly: we hope that your taste of independence and new found confidence will lead you back to THM for the really wild trips that we like to organise – together.