Ural Treks / Travel Adventure in Mongolia

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Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Ural motorcycle and sidecar outfits were built in Russia to the original BMW design, with a few modifications, and they are simple, tough vehicles that will go pretty much anywhere. 
They arenít about high performance, they are about old world charm and fun. They are lovely machines and riding them across the open steppe is a unique experience that will never disappear so long as we are around to keep it going. 
These days we drag them out of the desert as wrecks and rebuild them from scratch, and we generally have several ready for sale at the beginning of each season  - call us in early May. 
We also have several custom built examples with BMW engines. 
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Ural Treks

® Kharkhoran & Khar Ba;gas : 7th June† - 14th June (8 days)

® Chinese Border to UB : 2nd† - 9th August (8 days)