Why Choose THM?

Thirsty Horse MONGOLIA LLC

Text Box: Text Box: Only if, in THM, you have found what you are looking for . . .

We are dedicated off-roaders and intellectually curious adventurers who founded a company in Mongolia in 2004 to offer motorcycle and jeep treks to like minded people who would appreciate and understand our motivations of adventure, discovery, and just plain fun; and we’ve been growing and making friends ever since. 

For our motorcycle treks we use modern dual sport bikes that are best suited to the riding conditions and distances covered. These are principally the soft tuned versions of Enduro bikes as we use enduro riding techniques, and consequently the first day of any of our treks is usually a day of riding instruction with a team evening at the end of it. With ten years of experience now behind us we are experienced and well equipped. We provide all the backup and support necessary and our smallest trek team will consist of a guide for navigation, riding skills and local contact; a  jeep with a driver/mechanic, and a general assistant/cook; and at least one of them will be trained in basic first aid. For some treks we double the size of the team. We aren’t focused on any one sector of the off road ridership and we believe in encouraging people into the sport as much as providing for the hardened and experienced. Hence we carry a range of bikes, from light and nimble 250s to gnarly 650cc stalwarts. Our fleet also includes some smaller bikes and some models with lowered seat heights, partly because we want to encourage women riders, and partly because not everyone is 6 feet tall anyway, and we can provide riding gear if required.

We started out with old Urals that we picked cheap,  and we seriously under-estimated the amount of work  required to get them back into shape. But we’re stubborn and we never give up. So now we have a great fleet of Urals and Dneipers, and we also find ourselves with a fully equipped engineering workshop that we would otherwise never have needed or bothered to put together. While since we have all the jigs, machines, tools and welding equipment that it takes to build a custom motorcycle  - well, check and see what’s coming next.  We built eight BMW engine Urals last year with many thanks to our brilliant consultant engineers and motorcycle enthousiasts Paul Codling and Dave Ramsden & Yvonne Oades from the UK.  In short, our sometimes painful association with old Russian motorcycles has finally added whole new dimensions of motorcycling fun to THM.

As for Russian Jeeps  - well, we just love them as we love Russian technology and remember it’s rightful  place in the history of Mongolian transport. They are a unique experience that is fast disappearing from the world and they are well worth hanging on to.

Even then, we’re a rather unique outfit. Our inspiration comes from a book about a Mongolian horse who sets out to find the end of the steppe but is turned into a boy by a magic cup and set to discover the secret of life instead. And with inspiration like that it goes without saying that we have done more than our fair share of promoting art competitions, concerts, writing contests and other cultural projects in Mongolia.  

Motorcycle and jeep trekking with us is real adventure for those who want to pace themselves for the distance and discover the journey - and then our treks are wild, tough and fun. We research our routes to discover the most enjoyable roads and tracks to ride. We study the history, geography and wildlife of the places we travel through, and then we invite you to share the adventure with us.  And this is Mongolia: it’s about wide open spaces, huge distances,  unspoilt settings and natural wonders, the intriguing vestiges of a deep and fascinating history, and an exotic, unique, and exciting culture to discover. 

We aren’t suited to everyone’s taste and we don’t want to be. But if you think you have found what you are looking for in THM  . . .