THM Winter Jeep Treks / Travel Adventure in Mongolia

Thirsty Horse MONGOLIA LLC

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Winter Treks by Russian jeep: a truly original and very Mongolian travel experience.

Driving on snow requires permanent† four wheel drive and good concentration, but itís a very satisfying experience. Not least because Mongolia in winter is a land of solitude and intense beauty. As for the temperature? Out here on the open steppe under a clear sky with no wind, which are typical Mongolian winter conditions, it isnít that cold. In fact it feels quite warm.






Short Treks for mid-week or weekends

® 1 Day Tov Aimag / Tonykuk Stele

® 1 Day Khustain Nuruu National Park

® 2 Day Weekend Tov Aimag & Terelj / Princess Temple

Longer Treks

® 3 Days Terelj National Park & Khentee Mountains, inclusive hotels and transport to/from airport

Flowchart: Alternate Process: Trek Dates start
 3rd January 2014