THM Workshop

Thirsty Horse MONGOLIA LLC

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Our workshop is equipped for every kind of welding, complete engine reconditioning, electrical works, complete frame building, and even gear cutting on our own milling machines and lathes.

We do our own engineering in our own workshop, undertaking classic restorations and custom motorcycle building.

The THM workshop was born of the need to keep M67 Ural motorcycles on the road.  To begin with we just wanted to ride these things. But since they are no longer in production, factory support disappeared 20 years ago, and local expertise has turned to look elsewhere, we finally ended up with the whole problem ourselves.

The first step was to source parts, and alternative parts, no longer available. The most pressing having been electrical components.

Next we got into rebuilding the engines and gearboxes, which mostly consists of changing bearings and seals, re-boring, and valve guide replacement.




Add to that the finishes: paint spraying and powder coating, and we are starting to put some nice, viable bikes back on the road.

Even so, that still leaves us the need to manufacture parts that we cannot get,  either at all or to our satisfaction. Hence we are currently gearing up for the production of exhaust pipes and gearbox components, which will begin this autumn with the delivery of further machines and equipment and the building of a much needed extension to our workshop. 

Looking back, 2013 was a watershed year for the workshop with the consultant engineering services of Paul Codling and Dave Ramsden and the much appreciated help and assistance  of
Yvonne Oades advancing our engineering expertise as well as seeing our project for BMW enginned Urals well under way, which brings us, de facto, into the world of custom motorcycles.

This is a fascinating and rewarding time for our workshop, now in the full swing of  its development and just starting to make its mark. Watch this space for rapid progress and news of exciting projects to come.